Military Aviation Academy

It is one of the most famous and recognizable universities in Poland, and undoubtedly the most famous military university. The legendary “School of Eaglets”, which for 95 years has been educating pilots, navigators and aviation staff for both military and civilian needs.

Due to the changing conditions on the educational market and the problem of the demographic decline, the authorities of this prestigious university decided to put more emphasis on advertising and promotional activities, and for this a new, structured visual identity was needed. An additional element facilitating the decision to refresh the image was the change of the name from the Air Force Academy to the Aviation Military Academy.

Until now, the function of the logo was played by the university’s emblem, which from the technical point of view is complicated and extensive, making it difficult to use both off-line and on-line. However, it is a symbol known in the military environment, with a huge history, with which generations of graduates and employees of the University are associated.

That is why, together with the Aviation Communication Department of the Military Academy, we decided to develop two graphic lines. Advertising – whose main element will be the new logo of the university and the associated Kev Visual – and the Rector’s Line – a representative version, the main element of which will be a slightly simplified Emblem and the Monument to the Heroic Aviators of the Dęblin School of Eaglets, which is one of the most important facilities of the University.

On the part of the University, a team under the command of the Rector-Commandant was selected to work on the new visual identity, consisting of representatives of all faculties and departments of the University, the Student Government and the Aviation Communication Department of the Military Academy. On our side, the co-owners of the agency were involved in the work – Anita Kamila Sochacka responsible for contact with the client and Piotr Flis responsible for copywriting and coordination of work, and on the creation side, Michał Wyszyński – author of the logo and creator of identification, and Katarzyna Łoboda-Karki – responsible for technical supervision and development of the entire Brand Book.

The logo and the entire visual identity of the University were built on the basis of an aviation checkerboard – a universal, unique and characteristic sign of the Polish Air Force, clearly associated with the Polish military aviation.

The chessboard is a symbol of Polish military aviation with over 100 years of history. Referring to it, we wanted to emphasize the activities of the Academy and honor its services to the Polish National Air Force.

The signet of the sign of the Aviation Military Academy consists of red squares of a chessboard and the abbreviation of the Aviation Military Academy built on the basis of
about its red edgings. The whole creates a modern, dynamic and strong composition emphasizing the activities of the Academy.

Visual identification is directly connected with the University’s logo. Its main element that organizes and gives direction is a triangle called the discriminant or the beak. It is derived directly from the signet. It is a reference to the nose of the aircraft, i.e. the most forward part of the fuselage, creating an aerodynamically contoured flow for air streams.

Due to the variety of content used and the multitude of topics that the University deals with, its identification is flexible and allows for a fairly free modification of its components.

For the purposes of advertising, we have also developed a slogan with a meaning referring both to the subject of the University’s activity – Aviation – as well as to the ambitious goals that the Aviation Military Academy has before it and which it wants to achieve.

In addition to the advertising line, we have also developed the Rector’s Line, using the traditional symbols of the “School of Eaglets” – the emblem and the Monument to the “Heroic Aviators of the Dęblin School of Eaglets”. It was designed for the Rector-Commandant of the Aviation Military Academy to represent his office. Materials from this line will be presented to the highest representatives of state and international authorities during domestic and foreign official visits.

Visual identity: Michał Wyszyński
Technical supervision and development of the brand book: Katarzyna Łoboda-Karki
Verbal identification and project management: Piotr Flis
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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