Blue trail – With us it pays

LOTOS Blue Trail is a project of LOTOS Group in which charging points for electric cars were created at 12 petrol stations between Warsaw and Trójmiasto. The initiative offered users free use of the charging service during a test period. After the first phase of operation, a one-time charging fee was introduced at the stations.

In connection with this event, we conducted a comprehensive information campaign conducted online and offline – from developing the creative idea to logistics – production and distribution of materials. As part of the project, creations were created for digital and social media communication, as well as their adaptations on physical carriers which were installed at LOTOS petrol stations – leaflets, wobblers, hangers.

Piotr Flis, co-owner of the agency, was responsible for the creative idea and copywriting issues. Graphic materials were prepared by Paulina Troszczyńska.

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