Branding for new Vis Plantis&Loton Cosmetics cosmetics series

Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton

Vis Plantis is a Polish cosmetics brand founded by Elfa Pharm. It has been supplying the market with high-quality products for hair, face and body care for many years. In cooperation with Loton Cosmetics, the brand has created 4 new lines of cosmetics for hair care. As part of the order, we developed creative concepts for branding for all packaging, creating a total of as many as 20 labels.

Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton

Our goal was to expose the characteristics of the products as well as possible. Thus, we relied on clear and eye-catching photos of the ingredients that were used in the 4 product series for hair:

  • oily with algae
  • dry and dull with silk
  • thin and weakened with argan oil
  • damaged and brittle with creatine

To best showcase the use of the products, we also used colorful appliques on which we placed key information, using clear typography. Increased readability and clear layout allow the consumer to quickly identify the products and choose the right ones for their needs. The whole was complemented with enhancement elements – including light-reflecting metallics, giving an interesting and eye-catching effect on store shelves.

Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton
Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton
Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton

Lotna dla VisPlantis by Loton


Graphic creation: Aleksandra Luboch

Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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