Branding Gift of Nature by Vis Plantis

Gift of Nature by Vis Plantis is a series of natural, 100% vegan cosmetics that meet the needs of modern women who want effective and proven products. The cosmetics from the GoN series are known for their use of original fragrances, natural ingredients and interesting, eye-catching design.

As part of cooperation with the brand, we have created a brand for a new product, which is a vegan, natural cream deodorant. In the project, we were guided by two main guidelines – to show the natural character of the product, and to match it visually to the main target group.

Thus, branding is based on saturated colors, perfectly visible and eye-catching creation. Its main element and the foreground character is a woman in a meditating position – it emphasizes the mindfulness character closely related to the target group and related aspects, such as harmony, harmony with the surrounding nature, as well as inner peace and subtlety. The figure has slightly raised arms, thanks to which the image is contextually adjusted to the application of the cosmetic, while maintaining the aesthetic and eye-friendly graphic aspects.

The fruits spread around the figure also play an important role, showing the fragrance line – forest fruits. The whole thing is kept in natural colors and style, additionally emphasizing the main advantages of the product, as well as showing it in an Instagram look, which with its visual expression breaks the cold seasons of the year and fits perfectly into the hot summer months.

Lotna dla Gift of Nature

Lotna dla Gift of Nature

Graphic design: Katarzyna Łoboda-Karki
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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