Branding of the new line
of Hellena brand
carbonated beverages

For the Hellena brand – one of the largest in the Polish beverage market – we created branding for a new line of carbonated beverages, consisting of three flavor variants – Orange, Lemon and Citrus Mix. All versions have been given a unique, fruity label using the brand’s characteristic orangish cap. The new products are promoted with the slogan “Authentically Citrus”, as they surprise with their authentic citrus flavor. With 20% fruit juice content and very good carbonation, they intensify the impression of crisp refreshment and effectively quench thirst on warm days.

Lotna dla Hellena

It is these qualities that we have highlighted in our designs – so as to visually emphasize and reflect the authenticity of flavor translated into the unique citrus composition of the products. Just as the drinks are infused with the flavor of the fruit juices, we designed the labels using vibrant colors, embedded in a modern design.

The graphics of the labels refer to the brand’s flagship product – Oranżada Hellena. In the central part was placed the characteristic cap in the version with a color distinction of the flavor. Appropriately chosen typeface, describing citrus variants, gives the project dynamism and modernity. An integral part of the cap – the logo of the Hellena brand – emphasizes the product’s belonging to the Polish brand and allows it to be permanently rooted in the consumer’s consciousness. Also present in the graphic communication of the line of carbonated beverages are juicy fruits – elements shaped to be associated with juiciness and what is essential of new products – fruitiness.

The exotic character is reflected in the modern design of the bottle, which is entwined with orange peel. The decoration refers to the citrus flavor of the drinks and accentuates the uniqueness of the new products. The specially designed design makes the bottle unique on the market. The capacity is 1.5 l.

Lotna dla Hellena

Lotna dla Hellena
Lotna dla Hellena

The author of the creative idea and design is Katarzyna Loboda-Karki.
.Creative supervision on the project was provided by
Anita Kamila Sochacka.

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