Campaign for nonprofit organization Great Coalition For Equality and Choice.

In view of the upcoming elections in Poland, the Great Coalition for Equality and Choice, with the support of the Batory Foundation, asked the Lotna Agency to develop a concept for a public campaign drawing public attention to Women’s Rights and encouraging everyone for whom these issues are important to participate in the elections.

Women’s rights, especially reproductive rights and a woman’s freedom to decide about her own body, have been the subject of political and social dispute in Poland for years. Freedom of access to sexual education, contraception, in vitro, etc. is, compared to other European countries, very limited.

In the campaign, we highlighted 5 key issues:

The main message had to be simple, strong and eye-catching. We based the main slogan and the whole idea of the campaign on a censored curse word that was formed from the first letters of the Coalition’s name – WK_RW. We have hidden the middle letter from the word – the letter U. The full word in Polish means the same as the term pissed. it’s a similar wordplay to FCK.

For the Campaign, we developed a new visual identity for the Coalition. We based the whole thing on strong expressive colors, lettering and graphic elements.

We divided the campaign into two phases, the cohesive element of which is the question “Are you taken by WK_RW?”

In the first stage, we focused on emotions resulting from everyday problems and legal situations related to women’s rights and lack of access to contraception, sexual education, etc. The main action is based on 8 key visuals.

The second stage is activating the public, who can turn their discontent or general desire for change into action. In it, we call to action all those who are close to the slogans presented in the first stage of the campaign. We encourage everyone to turn their views into action and participate in the October elections.

The campaign is being implemented in offline and online channels. The main emphasis in the digital channel was placed on social media. The campaign was carried out on Instagram and Tik Tok of the WKRW organization. It was in these places that we had the best and natural access to the target group consisting of representatives of generations Y and Z.

The main part of the content created was animations as well as creations referring to the world of memes and using current trends on IG and Tik Tok.


Creative idea and strategy – Piotr Flis
Content strategy – Piotr Mateńko
Graphic implementation – Michal Wyszynski, Ulka Malyszko, Anna Woroniecka

Zakres prac:

Idea kreatywna
Strategia komunikacji
Visual identity

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