Visual identity of IRIS brand

Chr. Hansen is a global player in the bio-science market that produces natural solutions for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Year after year, the company supplies probiotics, enzymes, natural dyes and bacterial cultures to manufacturers around the world.

One of the brand’s flagship projects is IRIS – a tool, or rather a whole package of services aimed at professional breeders. It helps to examine the bacterial flora of poultry intestines (the examination is done several times a year) and analyze it. It was for this advanced product that we created a comprehensive visual identity and Key Visual.

An important part of the design work was a thorough analysis of the new tool from Chr. Hansen. The portable research device was associated with dynamic advances in science, the development of technology and the creation of opportunities to discover the hidden – not only for specialized individuals, but also for those involved in breeding.

Having determined the values behind this project, we were able to proceed with the design work.

The sigil of the IRIS mark as well as the Key Visual of the tool refer to the eye and its iris. The movement captured in them symbolizes dynamism and rotation – for example, present when turning a microscope – a tool that is one of the symbols of the product.

The aforementioned dynamics provide a starting position for graphic communication, emphasizing the development, progression and motivation that accompany the daily operations of Chr. Hansen. The eye, on the other hand, is a symbol of insight, research and knowledge of the smallest details – thus the main tenets of the IRIS program.

The dominant colors of the project are navy blue and blue – associated with science, development and technology – you need the pillars on which Chr. Hansen and the IRIS project. The chosen set of colors also allowed us to capture dynamism – present in technological progress as well as in the speed of the IRIS set.

We designed the visual identity so that it could be easily implemented on all channels of brand communication. We created designs for packaging, printed materials (questionnaires, flyers, internal correspondence) and multi-format creations that can be published in the digital space.


Author of the idea and design: Michał Wyszyński

Creative and design supervision: Sylwia Dudzińska i Piotr Flis

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