Corporate identity Time Trend

Time Trend to jedna z naTime Trend is one of the largest networks of brand-name watch stores in Poland. Customers of the company can purchase luxury goods in over 100 outlets across the country.

As part of the rapid development, the brand gained a new visual identity designed by our agency.

Before we started working on the actual identity, we gave the existing logo a gentle facelift. It changed the proportions of graphic and text elements, their thickness and distance from each other. This resulted in a closed composition where all previous elements were placed in a specific space.

From the logo’s signet we took the characteristic pointer layout, which became the core of the new visual identity. The dial designating the 9 o’clock hour appears on all materials and is their indispensable point. The brand color used in the project – burgundy – emphasizes the essential features of Time Trend: premium products, their elegance and top quality customer service.

The new visual code was implemented in all advertising and office materials that the Time Trend brand uses.

Visual identity: Michał Wyszyński
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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