Fitos advertising campaign

Fitos is a new subbrand of the Kupiec brand, representing a subgroup of flavored wafers in the brand’s portfolio. For Fitos, we developed a creative concept for an image campaign in online and offline channels.

The main idea behind the designs was to highlight the unique flavor of the snack that will make every moment more pleasant – toffee, chili and cream and onion. The uniqueness of the product was shown through surreal and eye-catching reveals. The protagonists of the creations, who spend their time during various activities, are accompanied by exaggerated objects coming out of the ground or ceiling, symbolizing the individual flavors of the products.

The focus on taste and on spending time together with loved ones – whether family or friends – were the two cornerstones of the advertising creations, which were designed to reach a variety of target groups – both younger and older audiences.

Creative concept and design: Katarzyna Łoboda-Karki oraz Piotr Mateńko
Creative Supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka 

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