GalliPro’s international
advertising campaign

Chr. Hansen is a global player in the bio-science market that produces natural solutions for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Year after year, the company supplies probiotics, enzymes, natural dyes and bacterial cultures to manufacturers around the world.

One of the brand’s flagship products is the GalliPro line, a probiotic in 3 varieties that helps animals absorb nutrients from feed. It is for this line that we prepared a series of key visuals, which were used in a global campaign in 2019 that had two iterations.

The first stage was to creatively show the shape of the animals – they were formed using shadows cast by appropriately placed hands. The second was based on the metaphorical portrayal of the three products as successful athletes who are the best in their disciplines. The creations were contextualized according to the regions in which the campaign was running – depending on the geographic location, the most popular sports in the area were chosen.

Lotna dla CHR Hanssen

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