Gift of Nature creation

Gift of Nature by Vis Plantis is a series of natural, 100% vegan cosmetics that meet the needs of modern women who want effective and proven products. The cosmetics from the GoN series are known for using original fragrances, natural ingredients and interesting design of labels and packaging.

It is for Gift of Nature cosmetics that we have designed special winter labels, which have been placed on a special, occasional series of packaging, available for sale online. The project included labels for 4 products – two versions of scented shower gels and 2 fragrances of body lotions.

One of the most important assumptions was to create a project that at first glance would suit the winter period in which the products are distributed. Special, occasional ornamentation, winter themes, as well as Christmas accents – which are an inseparable part of this season – make the products eye-catching.

Opakowania Gift of Nature
Opakowania Gift of Nature
Opakowania Gift of Nature
Opakowania Gift of Nature

Labels have the so-called Instagram look – their design is based on current design trends, thanks to which you almost instinctively want to reach for the product and take a photo of it for social media purposes.

The colors we chose are definitely associated with warm and joyful moments, closely correspond to the already known and adopted color of GoN bottles, and thanks to the subdued color harmony, all product information is perfectly legible.

The illustrations accompanying the projects visually present the advantages of the products, their character, smell, and emphasize the naturalness that characterizes the series of vegan cosmetics.

Creative concept and design: Aleksandra Luboch
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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