Golden Rose – campaign “Play with colors”

Golden Rose is one of the leading manufacturers in the cosmetics and makeup products market. It has been active in the beauty industry for years. The brand has recently created a promotional campaign “Play with colors” for a new series of color cosmetics. We prepared the graphic design of the influencer and sales campaign – offline as well as online.

As part of the work, we created gift boxes that were sent out to dozens of leading influencers in the beauty industry. In parallel with the influencer campaign, a digital campaign was launched, focused on the brand’s social media. For its purposes, we created a number of graphic creations that promoted the image and sales action of the cosmetics.

Complementing everything was an offline campaign – in hundreds of drugstores in Poland. Installed in them were graphic materials created by Lotna, which had one task: to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of female customers of the stores. We came out sensationally!


Graphic creation: Urszula Małyszko, Aleksandra Luboch
Creative Supervision: Sylwia Dudzińska

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