Identification Railway to bicycle

“Railway to Bicycle” is an initiative of the Novosol district in the field of regional tourism promotion. Two cycling routes, 18 and 30 kilometres long, have been created on the former railway tracks. Users have the opportunity to admire from their bicycles the picturesque landscapes of the postglacial Barucko-Głogowska Proglacial Valley, where the routes are located.

As part of the tender organized by the County of NowaSól, we created a proposal for the visual identification system for the “Railway to Bicycle” programme. The sources of identification can be traced back to two aspects – the bicycle and the train. It is the individual elements of these modes of transport that stand behind the idea from which the logo and signet evolved. It is also a symbolic reference to the railway routes on which the current cycle tracks were built.

The frame of the bike in the graphic proposal has been taken from the bumper of the buffer – the most protruding element of the old, characteristic train sets. This element adds dynamism and gives the impression of movement. The wheels refer to both a bicycle (the version with spokes) and a train, thus strengthening the link between the creation and the programme’s slogan.

The colour of the saddle and part of the typography refers to the green aspect of transport which is the bicycle. These are pro-ecological and environmental attitudes promoted by the program and representatives of the Novosol district. The gradient present in the creation further strengthens the symbolism of development and movement.

The project will not be implemented.

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