Awareness campaign
targeted to drivers.

The Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodship in Warsaw is running a wide-ranging campaign to improve road safety. The creative and branding agency Lotna is responsible for the creation.

The aim of the campaign is first and foremost to raise drivers’ awareness of the road hazards that await them, to raise awareness and thus change habits, and ultimately to improve road safety.

The campaign focuses on the 5 most common causes of accidents and collisions on our roads: speeding, pedestrian priority in lanes, inadequate visibility, inadequate lighting in the car and inadequate distance between vehicles.

Idea kampanii

The driver awareness campaign consists of 5 scenes. Each is a scene depicting an ordinary traffic incident that can happen to anyone who gets behind the wheel. However, each of these situations could have been avoided. All it took was the right reaction or preparing the vehicle for the road in advance.

The separate layouts are linked by simple and strong slogans that relate directly to us, the street users.

The driver – the protagonist of our story – faces a dangerous situation because he or she failed to take care of safety, made a bad decision or ignored a risk.

Lotna dla Województwa Mazowieckiego - kampania edukacyjna dla kierowców

With a picture we show the effect. In a word, a solution that would help the driver avoid an unpleasant and potentially very dangerous incident.

The whole message is intended to attract drivers’ attention, make them reflect and analyse their habits. Many situations on the road cannot be avoided or predicted, but many are influenced by the driver. The driver’s preparation, the condition of his or her car or “taking your foot off the accelerator” at the right moment can significantly improve the safety of our roads.

Lotna dla Województwa Mazowieckiego - kampania edukacyjna dla kierowców

The driver awareness campaign will run online and on OOH media in February and April 2024.

Lotna dla Województwa Mazowieckiego - kampania edukacyjna dla kierowców
Lotna dla Województwa Mazowieckiego - kampania edukacyjna dla kierowców


Creative Idea
– Ulka Malyszko, Piotr Flis, Michał Wyszyński
Graphic design – Michał Wyszyński, Ulka Małyszko
Client service – Sylwia DudzińskaTeam:

Scope of work:

Koncepcja kreatywna
Key Visual
Advertising materials

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