Kraków Metropolis

Kraków Metropolis is an association of Kraków and 14 surrounding communes. The main objective of the entity is close regional cooperation on many levels – including business, culture, tourism or technology. The members of the association also want to strongly promote the region internationally to increase the number of tourists visiting the Metropolis and to attract new investors.

The first step towards achieving these ambitious goals was to develop a coherent visual identity for the Kraków Metropolis Association brand, which consisted of refreshing the logo and developing a visual identification system.

When developing the new ToR, we took into account the diverse needs, objectives and requirements of all 15 communes, as well as the diversity of the areas which the Kraków Metropolis deals with and wishes to promote.

Before starting the work, we organised a series of workshops and training sessions during which we explained in detail the purposes of the identity and gathered the expectations of local authorities regarding the new identity.

As a result, the project was an accurate response to the jointly created brief and was unanimously accepted by all entities of the Metropolis.

For the leitmotif of the logo and the whole visual identity we chose arcs – a symbol of dynamism that characterizes the Metropolis, efficient cooperation between the associated municipalities, as well as the continuous development of the association. The logo’s signet – consists of four arcs and a base on which they are based and together form the letters MK – the abbreviation of Krakow Metropolis.

When choosing this symbolism, we also took into account the regional aspect. The arches are reminiscent of the popular and well-known arcades of Krakow’s Cloth Hall, which alongside the Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Church are unambiguously associated with the region. The arches joined at the top form a gate – a symbol of openness, readiness to cooperate, hospitality.

Based on the arcs from the sigil, we developed special typography, as well as icons and other graphic materials.

The colours used (navy blue and red) were taken from the old system, thanks to which the whole process of changes has gained an evolutionary rather than revolutionary character.

The basic typeface – Ubuntu – is the same as the SIW of the City of Krakow, which will facilitate cooperation between the city and the association and help achieve joint promotional goals.

Visual identity: Michał Wyszyński
Verbal identification and project management: Piotr Flis
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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