LOTOS oils

Grupa LOTOS S.A. is the second largest in Poland and one of the largest oil refineries in Europe. The company, through its partnerships , operates in the field of exploration, extraction, as well as processing of crude oil and distribution of its products.

As part of cooperation with one of them – LOTOS Oil – we carried out work on standardizing the labels of oils from eleven lines and five applications – all for the purpose of easier identification of products available at fuel stations throughout Poland.

For oils intended for passenger cars, trucks, transmissions, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and single-stroke engines, we have used common elements – so as to maintain consistency between all packages:

  • the same arrangement of elements (label, KV, background, capacity, name and logo) and features (in all liters)
  • uniform typography (a font associated with technical and automotive themes was used)
  • the background color system is related to the given use of the oil, and the tags – to its line

Oleje Lotos

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