Packaging designs for cosmetics
Receptury Zielarki

Receptury Zielarki is a novelty on the Polish cosmetics market introduced by Eurus, a leading distributor. We have created projects for the brand including a logotype, packaging for as many as 20 products and an accompanying brand hero.

Bottles and labels

We created packaging designs for 20 products in 2 series: Field Treasures and Home Traditions. The background, and the element that first catches the eye, are engravings depicting fields, herbs and plants characteristic of rural and forest surroundings.

Rich in color, symbolizing nature and the natural character of the products. Each background has dedicated illustrations of plants.

The backgrounds are inscribed with centrally located beige appliques, which contain the most important information: about the cosmetic line, the product, its use, composition and the drawing that symbolizes the latter element.

Also included in the design are gilded icons, which, with their brilliance, further draw the attention of consumers, and also highlight the most important features of the cosmetic.

In addition, the gilding on the sides of the labels emphasizes the high percentage of ingredients of natural origin, further reinforcing the message of naturalness.

The next design step was the design of the logotype. It is a combination of three elements – a hand, a mortar and nature.

The first element, placed in a central position, shows the tradition and even artisanal nature of the products. It’s an emphasis on the fact that the cosmetics are based on proven recipes that come from nature and the secret knowledge of herbs, not from the impersonal, cold and sterile atmosphere of cosmetic laboratories. The hand is inscribed in a circle taken from the rim of a mortar – another symbol of tradition and herbal and cosmetic craftsmanship.

The whole is complemented by the symbol of herbs and leaves symbolizing nature and its closeness to man. The logotype was designed in a style reminiscent of historical signs – one has the impression that the design is “painted” on wood. The sign, with its style, is reminiscent of pre-war cosmetics and pomade stores, where quality, tradition and naturalness were inextricably linked.

During the work, we analyzed the brand and defined its vision. Herbalist’s Recipes is a symbol of tradition, a return to the roots and, at the same time, a philosophy of life behind the products. Intergenerational transmission of knowledge about herbs and their properties, symbiotic coexistence with nature and taking the best from it, slow-life philosophy, thanks to which one can seek respite from the daily rush of life – all this contributes to the properties of cosmetics under the banner of Receptury Zielarki.

Anita Kamila Sochacka – Managing Director

Brand Hero
Herbalist Agatha

Knowing the values behind the brand and already having the bottle and logo designs, we were able to create a brand hero design – a character that would not only embody the individual products, but also represent the lifestyle and promises the brand makes.

Thus, the Agatha Herbalist was created. A doyenne characterized by life wisdom and experience. Over the years, accumulating knowledge of the secrets of nature and combining its elements so as to discover the recipe for the beauty of the body and hair.

Patient, with a nurturing nature, drawing from her experiences and eager to share the knowledge she has. Years of traveling and learning about other cultures, traditions and rituals allow her to be described as an expert without a shadow of a doubt.

Despite her age, she still retains verve and spark in her outlook. Constantly curious about the world and discovering new connections rooted in tradition and nature.


Visual identity – Aleksandra Luboch
Creative supervision – Anita Kamila Sochacka i Sylwia Dudzińska

Scope of work:

Packaging designs
Visual identity
Brand Hero

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