Trouw Nutrition is a world leader in animal food and nutrition consulting. For nearly 90 years, it has manufactured and supplied vitamin premixes and feed additives to thousands of farms on several continents. As part of continuous development and adjustment of its offer to market needs, a decision was made to develop a new sales strategy and to refresh the image of three most recognizable products from Trouw Nutrition’s portfolio – Lidermix, Hendrix and Polfamix. Our agency was chosen to perform this task..

Each product can be differentiated on three levels:
– brand (Hendrix, Lidermix, Polfamix),
– category (ordinary or premium)
– destination (for poultry, cattle, pigs, etc. ).

Apart from refreshing packaging graphics and brand marks, our task was to show all of the above elements in such a way that the product would be easily recognizable – regardless of its position and location.

We started with a redesign of the brands logo. Based on the Hendrix line, which already exists on many international markets, Polfamix and Lidermix marks were developed. All products were to create one, coherent graphic line, consistent with the new communication strategy of Trouw Nutrition.

The next step is the color scheme. To make product identification easier, there are three groups of colour codes visible on each side of the packaging:
Red or green, which together with the logo define the product brand.
Black or blue-green designate the category – standard or premium.
Yellow, pink, blue, green and brown indicate the purpose of the product – for poultry, cattle, pigs or other animals.

Additionally, TrouwNutriton’s corporate colours – navy blue and green – were incorporated into the design. They are known from the company’s logo and recognized by the target group of products.

Then we developed a clear, intuitive packaging grid for easy product identification.

In total we designed 6 packaging versions for Lidermix and Hendrix lines and over 20 for Polfamix series.

Before work began, the agency, through workshops, recognized the client’s needs, got to know the production process at Trouw Nutrition plants and identified the key factors that had to be taken into account in the design process.

The concept was created by KatarzynaŁoboda-Karki – graphic designer of Lotna. Anita Kamila Sochacka, managing director of the agency, was responsible for the coordination and contact with the client, and Piotr Flis, executive director, was responsible for the technical coordination.

Visual identity: Katarzyna Łoboda-Karki
Coordination and client service: Anita Kamila Sochacka
Technical coordination: Piotr Flis

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