Social Media support
for SPAR Poland

Can food dressing make you laugh? Can the history of pineapple be interesting? Is it even possible to combine veggies with RTM and thus “make the internets smile”?  

For all questions for the third year we answer YES without hesitation. And confidence + proper strategic work = social communication for SPAR brand – one of the largest grocery chains in Poland, conducted with humor and creativity.

In practice, it looks like this:

We also put the products available in the brand’s stores into motion. Individually and collectively, presenting SPAR promotional offers on a regular basis.

We bravely moderate every day so that no message or comment goes unanswered.

But our communication is not only products! It’s also several series in which we shared home and cooking tips, food stories and recipes with users!

We also like contests where we are happy to give away prizes!

We are also responsible for user-targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. All this so that as many people as possible on the Internet see an offer not from this earth! And how are the results after a year of operation?

Over the past year, we have proven that we can create consistent and long-lasting marketing communications that will reach diverse target groups. And all this in an environment of creativity, humor and commitment.

Can it be done? It’s always possible in Lotna!

Copywriting and creative and strategic oversight: Piotr Mateńko
Graphic creation: Aleksandra Luboch, Urszula Małyszko, Michał Wyszyński

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