Communication strategy and rebranding of the Polargos brand

Polargos is one of the largest producers of gates and fences in Poland. The products manufactured in factories are sold not only to the domestic market, but also successfully conquer foreign markets. As part of continuous development – both on the product and marketing levels – the company has undergone a thorough rebranding, gaining a new logo, visual identity and communication strategy.

The first stage of cooperation was supervision over the company’s rebranding. We have created a new visual identity, which at the beginning of 2022 is consistently implemented on all communication channels. All this is based on a developed communication strategy, which we have also created for the brand.

The logo we design closely corresponds to the nature of the company’s operations. It consists of a two-element signet, which is a metaphorical representation of an open gate and a brand name inscribed in the middle of. The whole is provided with the claim: Fencing from professionals.

This claim is a creative development of the strategy created in the agency – Polargos products belong to the DIY segment, thanks to which they are easy to install, even by laymen. The individual elements have been created so professionally and functionally that you do not need a group of experts to install fencing systems – all you need is a little neighbor’s help.

The new Polargos logo, as a whole, is a symbol of openness to new solutions, technologies, people, trends and an attempt to directly show the area of the company’s activity. The slants used in the new visual identification emphasize the dynamics in operation, achieving goals and setting the direction of development for the entire fencing market.

The colors used are a kind of identity bridge between the old and the new identification. Green was with Polargos from the very beginning, it is a characteristic color of the company, which distinguishes it from the competition, therefore it has remained unchanged.

Lotna dla Poargos
Lotna dla Poargos
Lotna dla Poargos
Lotna dla Poargos
Lotna dla Polargos
Lotna dla Polargos

Lotna also took over the brand’s communication services in social media. The developed strategy of activities in SoMe intertwines the brand’s image and sales goals. Communication activities are currently carried out on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

As part of the marketing service for the Polargos brand, the agency also creates BTL materials and any non-standard campaigns in various communication channels.

The agency’s task is also consultancy and substantive support for the client in the field of communication and strategic activities.

Lotna dla Polargos
Lotna dla Polargos


Graphic creation: Michał Wyszyński
Creative supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka
Strategic supervision: Piotr Flis
Social media supervision: Piotr Mateńko

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