Visual concept and communication
of the LOTOS Pay&Go brand

A pilot mobile payment service at LOTOS gas stations has been launched at the end of 2020. Network customers at selected 15 points can pay for fuel using the LOTOS Pay&Go application. Ultimately, the service is to be expanded to all of the corporation’s stations which is planned for the second half of 2021.

We had the pleasure of developing the visual concept, communications and advertising campaign for this service.

Lotna dla Lotos

Lotna dla Lotos

Mobile payments in Poland are a fast-growing market, and the pandemic has further accelerated this trend. The key to the success of any application is an efficiently designed system in terms of UX. Refueling at a gas station is a dynamic process – the customer pulls up to the dispenser, fills up the tank, wants to pay as quickly as possible and drive away from the station, making room for the next car. It was with the time-sensitive users in mind that we created the individual screens of the application. The designs had to be clear, intuitive and not misleading – so that the payment stage from the moment the app was turned on to the finalization of the transaction took as short a time as possible.

The main background motif was taken from the arcs present in the LOTOS Group logo. The color code, which uses white, red and blue in visual communication, is also based on it. The use of these three colors allowed us to create a design that is not only legible, but also does not tire the eyes.


Visual development and UX design: Ola Luboch
Verbal design and project management: Piotr Flis
Creative Supervision: Anita Kamila Sochacka

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