Visual Identity
and Key Visual
of Cinema on Heels

Multikino is one of the largest cinema chains in Poland with over 20 years of tradition. As part of its activities, the brand has many thematic events on offer – one of them is the Cinema on Heels project – which has been carried out for more than a dozen years in more than 20 of the chain’s cinemas. Its main idea is to integrate women, who meet in a common group for movie nights in Multikino halls – the events are often accompanied by various lectures and animations dedicated to women.

The agency was tasked with creating a new visual concept for Cinema on Heels. A new key visual was to be designed, which had to take into account several guidelines. Its space was to include:

  • The title of the film, its poster or a frame with the original title
  • Information about the date of the screening within the project
  • The name of the project
  • Logos of sponsors and partners of Cinema on Heels

When designing the creation, we had to move away from the usual patterns and stereotypical associations that immediately came to mind – stilettos, heels, etc. We decided on a form that would clearly, yet indirectly, refer to the advertised event. This is how the collage created from graphic cutouts was created. The styling was kept in the so-called “duotone” trend, where two colors – gray and the brand’s characteristic dark pink – led the way.

The minimalist form – both on the level of colors and composition – was implemented on a number of materials distributed by Multikino – offline and digital.  

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